Falling Into Color

One of my favorite seasons in NYC is Fall. Reason why? Chance to layer up and have fun with what I wear. The other great thing is I can cover any of my “problematic” areas (i.e. arms) that I don’t like to often show to the public (I’m sure there are girls in agreement!). But it’s so much fun to mix some fun summer colors with the colors of Fall. This is not when I go to the dark side. I’m loving royal blues, coral, and emerald green for the season. Mixed in with dark, heavy materials (leather baby!!). I checked out this  Street Style for Fall 2013 article and fell in love with a lot of the styles. The best thing is that a lot of these styles can be found affordably at ASOS which is one of my go to fashion finders! They have all sizes from petite, to curvy and is totally affordable.

I mean check out this outfit! For the tall and lovely, this would look so fab, but even for shorter women, this type of look can elongate your body. Soft fabric with a touch of a tougher look always softens the whole leather jacket idea. nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day7-18_160843344032

Fall brings in so many opportunities for #Fashion and for change! I’m still trying to keep up with gym time and eating better. Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean I should quit! Next step I may give in and sign up for WW. I just need to #nevergiveup #notdieting it’s a #lifestyle.


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