Influencing Fashion

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Blogging is just another way to express your emotions, opinions, thoughts, anything! Whether you want to make a career out of it or just a way to vent, have a place to gather all your thoughts, etc. it’s just a great way to be heard. Who knows who you would influence or even would stumble upon your page? That’s really the reason why you and I would decide to go on wordpress, tumblr, blogger, and use one of those easy tools to create a cool looking blog. And all you have to do is spend some time per day to gather your thoughts in one cohesive fashion.

Speaking of fashion, that’s where my passion is. Although, I don’t work in this industry, it’s always on my mind! An influencer who I follow is Susie Bubble who created Style Bubble.

6a00e5508e95a98833019aff4d03b6970d-700wi Look how cute she is!!

Similar background as I, coming from the Ad biz, she just started writing her blog in 2006 and now have created an awesome career out of it. I mean how cool is it to get invited to Fashion events, shows, and get to write about it and influence her followers of the new trends? It’s no longer just fashion editors at a magazine, it’s the bloggers, the people who can influence others through word of mouth that can gain the traction that fashion moguls need.

StyleBubble has a really great layout, easy to navigate, and have enough pictures from invite-only events, which gives us just a glimpse of the fashion life that many dream of having. I mean when or how can we ever get to see a fashion show with Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porches? Fast and Furious

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I love how her page has title photos of each post she is. The annual posts of what’s bright about 2013 is fun. People love lists and curated fashion. It’s easy to read and easy to find! What’s better than having someone gathering all the information annually for you, so you don’t have to do it? =P The photos are awesome and unique. Although, it’s high-fashion and not for everyday wear, it influences and inspires people with ideas for their own styling through colors, patterns, structures, etc. Getting this “behind the scenes” type glimpse is what people look for since we (everyday people) don’t have access. It’s like a high-fashion reality show in a blog…and who doesn’t love a good reality show now and then?

I think Susie Bubble  is a great influencer and looking at her blog inspires me. Who knows, one day maybe I can also get an invite to an event? (yeaaa!!!!! :D)


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