Generation “Wireless”

I consider myself as part of the Wireless generation. Even though I was born at a time where cell phones were non-existent and beepers were the “thing”. Using numbers to write messages to each other through paying quarters on a payphone. That was how I connected with people through middle school and parts of high school.  And then cell phones were popular. I had my share of nextels…remember the “Bleep bleeps”??!


Now being mobile has totally changed. I no longer need to look for a computer to go online. I can do anything straight from my iPhone. I do almost EVERYTHING on it…work, connect with friends and family, GPS (who needs to buy a TomTom these days?), discovering new places, watch videos, listen to music, etc. etc. etc. etc. The funny thing is, I use or am dependent on my phone without really being aware of it. So I became aware the last few days and found that I use certain things/apps WAY more than anything else. Almost makes me feel like I need to just look up and take notice of my reality sometimes.

Here are my top 5 apps that I can’t help myself from opening:

1. Mail

This is entirely due to being a nutcase at work. If i see the red circle by the e-mail or hear the “ping”  I MUST open the app and read the emails and probably write back within minutes or seconds of receiving.


2. Facebook

Being busy makes it tough to stay connected with Friends and Family, but Facebook is the best tool for me to still keep a pulse of what’s going on in everyone’s lives! Also, i get to check out when my dog walker decides to take pics of my Nala out and about during the day.


3. Instagram

Photos photos photos! I love it. Especially to get my daily dose of cuteness through @catsofinstagram and  @dailypuppy. I also like to get motivated through fitness users like @fitnessdigest


4. Candy Crush

Ok I jumped on the bandwagon and got addicted to Candy Crush. I couldn’t help it!  Now I’m hooked and this game is apparently one of my top apps that I use. Currently I am stuck on level 125 >=\


5. Yelp

My go to app to find “things to do” and “where to eat” on the fly. I use my current location and what I’m looking for and everything within a few mile radius shows up. I always get to try new things using this!


+1 just for travel!  6. United

This is only for travel. I’m a total loyalist to United (first Continental which was much better), and am just racking up the points so I can make some crazy status to get extra “benefits”. But I go paperless when I travel so having this app is very handy for check-in, flight statuses, and boarding passes.



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