Where am I? Oh right by Sephora

Although, I’m a NYC native, I still feel a little lost when I get out the Subway. What corner am I on? Which way is 5th?! And then I figure it all out after walking half a block in the wrong direction. Yup that’s how confusing it can be with so many exits at each subway stop (don’t get me started with Herald Square, Union Square, ah!).

Many times I get my phone out because I finally have service (did I get a text?), and almost always I get a pop up on my screen “You’re right by Sephora on 42nd street”. Oh am I? But that’s not my destination? This all comes from my Passbook app, where I can place in the loyalty cards that participates with Passbook.  At first it’s a cool app, but eventually I got extremely annoyed. I mean Sephora is really my impulse shopping location and it’s not a cheap impulse shop neither. So when they tell me Sephora is nearby, I immediately think: Do I have enough time to check things out? I think I need a new lipstick (I must have 20 of them already)? Oh I ran out of face wash… And then I may stagger on to Sephora and spend money that I didn’t originally anticipate spending.  That’s the little shopaholic in me (okay alotta shopholic).


This is what we call Location Based marketing. They trigger and interrupt my life so draw people to go to their store to buy things that people did not wake up saying they need something from that particular place. Isn’t it genius? It’s like a reminder, an intrigue. I think people who shop at Sephora, are essentially shopaholics. I mean it’s full priced make up and personal care in one stop where you can get some good items at your local CVS. Although, I think it’s annoying that it pops up and makes me buy something (okay they don’t really force me), but I opt in to this feature and still I don’t turn it off. Because sometimes I do need a reminder as I’m going about my busy life. Hasn’t that ever happened to you? It’s a nice break from running from point A to point B all the time. I mean who doesn’t want to get a little shopping done from time to time?

Here’s an article that gives tips on successful Location Based Marketinghttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/location-based-marketing-tips/


One response to “Where am I? Oh right by Sephora

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