All About ‘Customization’

Every day I get updates and news from the marketing and advertising industry, and every day I always respond with “wow that’s cool”. The brands that are doing “cool” things are ones that provide unique ideas to get consumers to engage with them.  Me being a Gen Y’er, I’m particularly interested in things where I can make it my own by customizing it. I mean I love fashion and I love style, and that is all about customization.  There is no direct adjective that describes my style, it’s just me (I’m such a Gen Y thinker!). I’m sure I’m really not the “only one” with similar style as me, but that’s what we want to think. We want to be independent, we want to just be ourselves and no one is the same. But in marketing we get to find those similar nuances and speak to the group of people we want to speak to.

We understand that to engage and intrigue consumers, we need them to be a “part” of our brand and business. So we find ways for them to customize, offer ideas, speak to us, participate in any way possible.

For example, today I’m on Creativity and find that Lego THE customization giant (they got it right from the very beginning!!), is offering adults a chance to be a part of their business building fun! We all know what Lego does and is great for, but who would’ve known that these little blocks can be created in awesome characters that our children love so much. I’m sure adults even collects these toys (and they aren’t cheap!). Now they have watches for adults. We can build and make it any way we like it.

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 2.22.32 PM

Lays used the idea of crowdsourcing by asking users to submit ideas for the next Lay’s flavor, called the “Do us a Flavor” campaign. They received about 3.8M submissions. The engagement rate on this campaign is stellar. Who would’ve thought consumers wants us to hear what they have to say? (duh!)

r-LAYS-DO-US-A-FLAVOR-large570 (1)

Even down to shopping online, it’s about choosing the outfit you want. Creating your own outfit before you even want to purchase it. Many websites like Polyvore, Zappos, ASOS (buy whole outfit), are jumping on that bandwagon.

Customization is key! Especially when your customized piece is out for the world to vote on. How come we aren’t all doing it? Well we need to make sure it makes sense for us to do so first. It’s all about our target, and what we have to offer. This is just one cool thing out of the many we can choose to do.


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