The Trend for “Social” Products: Featuring Nike Fuel Band SE


Being “social” is being connected. It’s allowing us to interact with each other. Social platforms are areas/places where we can use as a tool to share our thoughts with each other…to keep connected.  At first thought you would think that being social is just being on your phone or being on the computer, but we are continuously evolving ways for us to be social. So brands like Nike creates social products where we can connect with each other under a common interest, which is obviously fitness.  Nike provides solutions for people to just do whatever they want to do, to reach their goals, to aim high.  Accomplishing fitness goals is a common theme for users to share with their friends and family. What better way to continue feeling motivated, then people rooting you on to continue your fitness journey?

This article from Business of Fashion, encapsulates the latest features of Nike FuelBand SE where they make it even easier now to share your goals within the fitness community. You can set challenges through reaching as much “Nike Fuel” as possible. There are other fitness watches and tools that have and are launching with the feature of sharing your progress, i.e. FitBit.

Learn more about the Nike Fuel Band SE here:Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 2.22.38 PM

Having the option of being social in any product is essential and becoming thriving business.  Now almost all PTS digital cameras have Wi-Fi with the option to share photos directly to any social platforms you are connected to.  Watches are already a category being built, and soon glasses will be too.

Brands and products have to keep up with the idea of being social in all different ways. That’s surely a factor that consumers consider when purchasing a product.

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