E-Mail: Scroll, Delete, Scroll, Delete…

My personal email is now a box full of unnecessary messages and what I consider “things to trash”. A lot of times, I find myself opening up the Mail icon and start deleting or “archiving” mail that goes to my personal email.  There are times when things may peak my interest, say a special coupon for PetCo (My pup needs good treats!!) or a coupon at the Vitamin Shoppe. I need in the subject line a clear message saying there is a coupon. If not, I will definitely delete it.  Even though there is a “sale” on certain items, it’s almost always they send me an email about a sale on items that I never purchased before, so why are they contacting me? It’s because I opted in.  I don’t particularly want to opt-out because I do appreciate the coupons where I can buy what I want and get $10 off, but then I get annoyed for receiving email messages for products that do not relate to me.  But with these coupons, It’s those emails that I am particularly interested in and are willing to open up the mail.

And then as I open it, it’s the blank screen. The moving circle at the top left corner because my 3G internet service is extremely slow. It needs to process the image that came with the coupon, and all the text along with it. Yes I still use 3G service because my iPhone 4 didn’t break yet. But jeez, why do I have to wait so long? It’s the combination of my phone, the iOS processing, the Internet data service, and the image within the email.  Vitamin Shoppe shows a mobile friendly email which is great, where I don’t have to necessary zoom in or swipe to the right to see the rest of the message. It’s simple, it shows 5-6 products that are on sale and has a big button so I can click through to the site.


This is one of many many emails I receive a week from different retailers, promotions, marketing news, etc. that I get. Now that I’ve opted out a lot of them (and I try to be careful not to opt back in by accident), I still receive at least 50 emails a week. These are emails where I feel that I want to keep around in case I get a coupon, in case I need to make sure I’m up to date with marketing news, learn cool things, etc. Because when I opt out, I find myself needing something from that particular source eventually.

Now e-mail marketing has a unique design and approach to it. You must be able to test language, graphics, click-throughs amongst the long list of consumers you already have and are trying to acquire. Because certain e-mail marketing initiatives might not be as great as you personally think it is.  That’s what’s great about it, you can test it in real time and get some substantial data in a short period of time. The turnaround process is great.  Below are some great infographics on e-mail marketing:

About the subject line, very important as it’s the first thing your consumer sees!:

Email Inforgraphic

First thing to learn about e-mail marketing is to understand things not to do, especially for mobile:



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