It’s Movember…No longer November

The month of November is the time to recognize and support overall men’s health. Originating from educating and awareness on combating prostate cancer, it now reaches towards overall men’s health.  Now you see almost all men with facial hair, competing for the longest, most stylish, or craziest looking facial hair look.  Like the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, the stache is how men represent and shows their support for the Movember movement.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 11.56.51 AMSo all around us in social media, hanging out, from brands, all we hear and see is Movember. It’s trended so quickly and expanded so wide, it’s been a great opportunity for brands to also show their support. It’s become a huge cultural revolution with all members of society participating, including our ever young Gen Y and millenials. For them to be a part of something, an important movement like this, is what they seek. For young men, for them to just not have to shave gives them a purpose, gives them an opportunity to make a statement.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 11.58.01 AMWhen I’m walking around the city, going to work, I see the faces of almost all the men around me, slowly growing their facial hair, so by the time it hits the end of the month you can see how quick some of these men grow their hair. And the parties start…A celebration of cutting the facial hair is huge. It is then when you see Vine videos, Instagram vids full of men shaving off their facial hair.  Another way to make a statement. Now Movember is everywhere, a good opportunity to continue this tradition for the entire month. Even on there are groups competing to get as much money raised, and getting ideas for Mo parties, styles, etc.  It’s fun yet meaningful. Something that we always look to.

As long as awareness is spread throughout on how important it is to look after men’s health, it doesn’t matter how scruffy a man will look. Even from a woman’s POV.


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