You can do more with Starbucks than interacting with the Barista

Starbucks, my go to place for my daily caffeine fix. It may not be the best of the best, but it gives me the type of drink I want, the way I want it. The Barista really knows what I like! My fave drink for the Fall? Gingerbread Latte, skim milk, quad number of shots (4), with whipped cream (yes my indulgence), and of course it’s a Venti size. On a cold day/morning, this drink makes me warm and fuzzy inside. That’s why it’s the holiday drink (and yes they have their holiday cups now! yay!)eb2d3b1f69d54e73b76355bf0c75de48Starbucks also offers an experience. It’s not just ordering your drink the way you like it, they give you portals to engage with them and for them to engage with you.  One way is through their My Starbucks Ideas blog. They don’t only just talk about their offerings, their philanthropic activity, marketing activity, etc. they also provide their blog as a platform for their customers to provide their ideas. Riffing off their brand purpose which everything is customized and designed to please their customers, Starbucks asks their consumers to provide ideas on how to make their experience better. Instead of having a “ratings” or “feedback” page which they do, this is another way or a more positive way in fact for consumers to talk to Starbucks.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 5.20.23 PMThey have particular employees writing blog/News posts as if these employees were just talking about themselves and what they’ve been doing. It’s casual, it’s friendly, and it’s relate-able. The ideas page is even more unique where it’s a free forum where customers provide their ideas, and Starbucks responds with which ideas are currently in action.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 5.24.14 PMThey have leaderboards where people can somewhat “compete” for their ideas to be true and who are the most active users on the blog.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 5.20.17 PMThey even bucket their ideas in different categories for ease of use and search.

I think using the Starbucks blog this way is interesting and very engaging. Instead of just speaking to consumers with stories and news for people to just follow, these are ways where Starbucks can actually make news from, straight from their customers. The aesthetic is very clean as well compared to other forum-like sites, so it’s simple to use and clean for ease of reading.

I mean that’s where the whole idea of having the Starbucks card came from! I mean the Starbucks app is a main app that I use on my phone. I can pay, I can track how many stars I have until my next reward, I can even get free offers from latest news from Starbucks. BOGO breakfast items and even free app/music downloads.  Again, another way to experience Starbucks, besides enjoying a cup of hot steaming latte 😉


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