End of Year Purge with eBay

A New Year comes with new plans, goals, resolutions etc. My main goal is to purge things that I no longer want and “need”. The first thing that comes to mind is donation. I should donate everything! which I mostly did, but I’m always thinking “jeez, all those things I donated was a lot of money!”. So how can I get some benefits back from purging and cleaning out my closets and home? I first thought about eBay. I mean look at all the successful consignment companies there are now, i.e. Second Time Around. From a girl just purging her things that turned into an overwhelmingly successful business.

So eBay should be easy right? Only if you can sell it.  I’ve tried it a couple times in the past, but it takes something unique when selling on eBay. There are certain techniques that attracts the eBay buyer so learning these techniques are critical.  There’s even a “For Dummies” book on selling on eBay.

A few things to consider when selling on eBay:

1. Use an established account (Start small, selling cheap items to get as much positive feedback as possible

2. Photos are critical, but the right-looking photo is important.

3. Research common items for price and how their listing is described

4. Consider how you will ship the package and understand the costs of shipping!

5. Know your fees when using eBay: more pictures, buy it now price, reserve price, featured status etc. increases your insertion fees!

6. Timing: If it’s clothes, consider selling clothes that fit with the weather (coats and boots in the winter), and time of day of when you start as well as how long the listing stays up for.

7. Now there are barcode look up features. Add it in!

8. Offer PayPal payment. It offers security and protection for the buyer

9. Use a template if it works for you. Create a look and feel for your items. Or create a store and brand it!

10. Try to become a power seller. Relates to point 1 where you should become a trusted and reliable seller

Now that I have gathered all my belongings, let’s get to selling! Why not?!

p.s. Did you check out eBay‘s new site? Nice!

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 4.01.27 PM


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