#StyleEmergency Series – The shoes make my outfit…What’s Yours?

#StyleEmergency is when fashion comes to a halt…when there’s a glitch in my outfit…an error in making my “look” come together…or just a good ‘ol emergency that sabotages my style for the day.

What does that mean?

Many of you ladies (and gents) have experienced a #StyleEmergency in one way or another…or have seen others that had one.  If you truly love fashion, don’t you always wish that you can reach out and help? Or someone can help you? I sure have, so I’m going to share some dilemmas that I’ve been or am going through.

My first #StyleEmergency story…I bought a pair of amazing, brings me swag pair of Gucci heels.  But the color is interesting, and different, and not the easiest to match.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 6.10.11 PM

So what to do? I have quite a thought process before I put my outfit together…

1. Where am I going with these hot pair of heels?! = Sports bar watching Monday Night Football

Okay, so casual but nice

2. Who am I going with? My BF and some friends…pseudo date night. So of course I had to look somewhat decent and nice.

3. How would others be dressed at this event? – I was thinking it would be casual yet trendy…

So what did I vouch for?

Jeans, a low back shirt that’s a cross between dressy and casual. Lastly hair and makeup.

I realized that makeup does the final touch of your look. With my fine and straight hair, I felt I needed to do something different and voluminous to make a larger statement. I mean if my bottom shoes are making a statement, so does my hair!

Hair situation: I curled it, put a ton of hairspray, and made it sideswept to give it a “sexy” look 🙂

Makeup situation: simple make up with some eyeliner, but bold lipstick. I went for red.

photo My final hair and make up look. What do you think?

Thanks to my colleague/friend I found an amazing MAC lipstick (Ruby Woo) matte that I absolutely love! And used my Tarte Clay eye liner that makes the perfect darkness and look of a liquid eyeliner.

And my final look:


I luckily already had a Big Buddha bag that was in the same green tone as my shoes (whew!) to complete my outfit.  I love to hear recommendations from everyone. What do you think? How would you have put it together?

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