#StyleEmergency Series: avoiding runny eye makeup!


Runny eye make up is a girls worst nightmare or maybe it just ruins your entire look. We feel amazing right before we head out the door, makeup perfect, hair in place, clothes perfectly pressed (please press your clothes!), and your shoes feel “comfortable” (for now). It is truly amazing how great we feel when we walk out the door.

Then an hour passes…your hair isn’t as nice a curly and you wish you put on more hairspray and your get start to hurt but it’s bearable for now.

The second hour approaches and you wished you had your slippers with you because your feetsies are SCREAMiNG for you to treat them better. Now your hair may be flat AND it’s getting hot where you are. Your face doesn’t feel as clean and dewy but you think it’s okay.

Until an hour after that you head to the restroom and ol and behold NO ONE told you (not even your girlfriend) that your cat eye makeup is no panda makeup. Yikes!!!

I’ve had many many maybe too many instances of this happening to me. Then Google saved my life and YouTube came along and taught me better:

That’s one video that May help. My #styleemergency step by step process for eye make up is as follows:

1. Clean face thoroughly
2. Apply lid primer to the eyelids and primer above and under the eyes
3. Apply eyeliner and make up
4. Then I use a eye shadow brush with translucent powder and dab on the sides and under the eye liner to keep in place
5. Always bring your eyeliner, qtip for touch up in case of smudging, and oil blotting sheets as your eye beauty kit when you go out!!!

What’s your eye beauty tip? #styleemergency


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