#StyleEmergency For Traveling

My life encompasses a lot of travel for work. Due to this, I’m always thinking of ways to pack minimally, but I don’t want to lose my style and how I present myself. I’m also a high variety type of person when dressing myself. I really can’t decide what I want to wear until the morning of. So how can I pack enough where I feel I don’t sacrifice my style, decide on what I want to wear, yet not overpack. As a frequent traveler, a minimalist is the most ideal type of packer, but can I do that with a nice sense of style?

Relooking at keeping my style and being trendy (I hope!), I found that leaving space in my luggage for accessories is key. And look at pieces where I can swap tops and bottoms around with, instead of approaching packing full oufits for every single day and occasion for my trip. So I can use one shirt one day with a pair of jeans/pants, with my larger jewelry, and another day I can wear the same jeans/pants with a different top and more toned down jewelry with a hat. It’s all about how to swap and utilize what you have with you on your trip to help spazz it up.

Some nice inspiration below. I can look good while traveling!


The worse has been situations where I feel like I couldn’t be at my best in style due to the fact that I wanted to pack light. What am I to do? Why do I have to tone down my style? Some tips I thought about:

  1. Bring fewer bottoms compared to the number of days you are staying. For example, bring two bottoms if you are staying 4 days because you can swap and re-wear during your trip.
  2. Only bring a top for each day. If you need to refresh an outfit from day to night, you can wear a top with a new bottom for variety.
  3. Bring accessories. Think about accessories that’s more expressive and stands out to more toned down.
  4. Bring a clutch, to turn any outfit to night time and fun.
  5. Just bring one extra pair of shoes, including the shoes you wear with you to the airport.
  6. If you work out, bring one outfit and wash! And one pair of sneakers (unless you can wear this to the airport).
  7. Roll up your clothes! It is a space saver. I’ve actually started using packing cubes for ease of organization, which saved even more space for me!

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