Trending in….High Fashion…

When it comes to advertising for any fashion brand, the model is just as important as the fashion merchandise that brands sell. Many “super” models, used their face and body to get into acting, singing, and larger roles in the industry. But how do you differentiate from that? Well check out this new trend…

MTI3ODI5Nzc2MTY0NTE1ODEwiris-apfel-01-2015courtesy of Adweek

Iconic older women are becoming the new face for luxury brand advertising. Like Iris Apfel shown here has shown her face for Kate Spade and Alexis Bittar. Bringing back some of the women who made fashion trendy from back in the day to now pays homage to where we are today with fashion marketing. Being reminded of history shows authenticity and trust that many of us seek in brands nowadays, so why not pay respect to those who paved the way.


It’s beautiful, it’s empowering, and is what makes marketing so interesting. You can really open your mind to try anything, and go against the grain. Be the spark to start a trend. It makes me also feel confident that you can still be fashionable and trendy at a later age! Go ladies!


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