#StyleEmergency Fall Hair Color – Am I Late?!

We are almost through fall and it seemed like yesterday it was summer. Where has the time went? Combination of actually having beautifully warm weather and the busy-ness of life contributes to the fact that my roots have grown crazily and I need to do something about it.  But before I commit, I take ages looking for the right cut, the right color, highlights etc. Why would I spend so much money before thinking about it first? If only I am like this with shoes -_-

So question is, is it ever too late to get the right fall hair color? Winter feels like it’s right around the corner. Do I go dark? Stay light? Can the color transfer to winter? So many questions to answer. So I always turn to google: “Fall hair colors for 2015″ and I get a lot of ombre highlights/streaks, natural blonde colors with some low lights. Not much straight dark colors, which makes me feel great so I don’t have to do much to my hair (Right?).


And now the cut…long layers and side bangs is my go to, but I’m itching for a new style and this is what i’m faced with….do I chop it off to medium length? Start healthy? So many questions and I do this to myself every 6 months (yes it takes me that long to commit to a haircut and a dye). My dilemma for sure! Good thing hair color and styles has always been a hot topic for everyone that I get all my inspiration on good ‘ol Google!


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