#StyleEmergency Holiday Party – When the Holidays sneak up on you…very quickly….

It’s that time of year again. When I scramble looking for the right outfit for the annual Holiday party. I tend to “forget” that the holiday party is at the same time every year for some reason. I always blame it on the fact that time sweeps by too quickly, but in reality it’s because I procrastinate…way too much.

I also think that I have options in my closet already. I mean I have numerous of dresses. One of them has to be worthy enough for a holiday party right? Not really. It’s either too casual, too clubby, doesn’t fit anymore (from 8 years ago!), or I wore it already (darn photo booth gives too much evidence). So now i have a couple of days left and no outfit. No idea what to wear. And I don’t have time!

A few places I’ve looked so far:

1. Rent the Runway: 

Even their homepage focuses on Holiday parties. But that’s the catch, that means all the dresses that are considered nice and worthy enough to pay money to “rent” a dress, when in reality you can use that money to buy a dress and keep it (holiday sales!!). So is it really worth it? It doesn’t take up room in my closet, I guess I can wear a brand name dress (but who will look at your tag?), and you can decide to go all out if you’d like. But the frugal shopaholic in me just doesn’t see the worth in “renting” a dress that I can’t keep. If i pay very minimal then I’d consider it, but those tend to be “unavailable” for the days that I need it. And again since I procrastinate I’m sure I will probably not make the return date.

2. Zara

I stepped into the store and ran through many ideas in my mind. I think however that Zara is becoming more casual. I guess I was looking for the sparkle and the unique dresses when I walk into Zara. I was disappointed though. The sizing isn’t great and I feel like the quality is getting lost. I always think that Zara will always pull through for me, but not this time. I tried on a flared red dress with a soft chiffon, but of course a seam was coming out and they didn’t have another one of my size. I could’ve just “fixed” it but the principle of buying something new for a party in a few days that was defected made me feel like I was getting jipped. So on to the next option.

3. Stories

A new store & Other Stories opened up on 5th Ave. It’s a female fashion line with designers from France and Stockholm, focused on designing styles based on the different stories women live. The stories they create in different aspects of their life and how they define their own style. They offer all types of items from clothes, shoes, nail polish, bags, jewelry, candles, bath products, etc. They have casual items, more sleek items, and dressy items. It was all super cute and I loved the diverse styles in there. It may be a bit pricey, but the quality was surely better than Zara (oops I think I betrayed them). They had sparkly, but I couldn’t bring it to myself to buy a sparkly dress to wear one time. So I opted for a long slit midi skirt. I had to buy it. But don’t think it’s right for the company holiday party though! At least I discovered an awesome new store (feeding into my shopaholic tendencies).

4. Pinterest

Great outfit inspirations here. Like the skirt and top look where I can mix and match.

Super sleek, appropriate for a work holiday party and these are items where I can easily use again. Now the question is, where do I get these? I like pinterest for the inspiration, but what I don’t like is when I try to find the same outfit and I can’t find it! And I don’t want to settle for anything else. Now my goal is for the next two days is to find this outfit. If only I had all the time to do so.

Final option – Try to dress up some items that’s already in my closet. This may be the quickest and easiest way. Let’s see how it goes! I probably will go through this again next year, but what fun will it be to plan for a holiday party so far ahead?


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